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Jealous Kwale husband follows wife when she’s going for call of nature ‘just to confirm she isn’t cheating’

Police in Kwale are looking for a 33-year-old man accused of brutally assaulting his wife over cheating allegations.

Mulongo Mbui, 29, told K24
that her spouse, Mwachenda Kityetye, had developed a habit of
battering her over claims that she was cheating on him with multiple men. Mbui,
however, denies the allegations, saying she has never played the field.

The alleged violence meted out on Mbui by her husband occurred
at the couple’s home in Bang’a Village in Matuga Constituency on Sunday
(October 4) at 8pm.

“My husband is too insecure to the point that he usually follows
me to a nearby thicket when I am going to answer a call of nature. When he
fails to follow me, he would tell me: ‘take me to the exact location where you
answered a long call of nature; I need to confirm if indeed you had gone to
poop, and not cheat’,” said Mbui.

The mother-of-six claims on the fateful day when she was assaulted
by her partner, he had asked her whom she was with during the day. On
responding that she had spent the day at home, Kityetye allegedly descended on
her with blows.

Mbui sustained injuries to the neck and face, resulting in her hospitalisation
at the Kwale County Referral Hospital. The assault victim has since been
treated and discharged.

Matuga OCPD Francis Nguli told K24 Digital that they are pursuing the suspect, whose whereabouts
remain unknown to date.

“We went to look for him at his house at 2am Tuesday, but he
hadn’t returned home. Once we arrest him, we will charge him with assault,”
said Nguli.

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