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Meet Kenyan Rastafarian in British Army

A Kenyan man, Lance Corporal George Gitau, is a Rastafari who works in the British Army, stationed at the British High Commission.

A lance corporal usually serves as second in command of a section. It is a rank held by specialists such as clerks, drivers, signallers, machine-gunners and mortarmen.

In an interview with NTV, Gitau narrated that the British Army was very cultured and accepted individuals from different backgrounds including; sikhs, jews, hindus, muslims, christians as well as buddhists.

A file image of soldiers training in a camp

A file image of soldiers training in a camp


“The British army is very diverse and everyone is incorporated in the army. So they allow me to wear my dreadlocks,” Gitau stated.

Asked whether his job had affected his relationship with his friends, Gitau narrated that his friends did not treat him any differently from before he got the job.

“Most of my friends are people have that I have grown up with so they do not treat me differently,” he stated.

Additionally, Gitau encouraged more youth to join the army saying that the job helped in laying a foundation that would set up any youth for better opportunities.

According to the British Army website, there are 100 rastafarians serving in the Regular Army.

The rastafarians are allowed to wear full beards and may have dreadlocks which do not need to be altered or cut, but should be worn in a manner that is tidy and allows for the wearing of all forms of headdress.

Additionally, the website indicated that soldiers can belong to any religion they want, as long as it is not illegal under civil law and is compatible with the values and standards of the Army.

“When you join, you’ll be asked about your religion or other belief system, however soldiers are judged only by their actions. You can choose non-religious or humanist,” reads an excerpt of the statement.

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