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Kitchen gadget: Over-the-sink collapsible colander

Wambui Kuria

This colander makes it easy to wash your fruits and vegetables before storage (Photo: Amazon)

Before cooking my vegetables, making salads or storing away fruits, I put them in a bowl of water – three tablespoons white vinegar to one litre of water. I leave them in the solution for 10-15 minutes, then pour out the water mixture. The best kitchen gadget to use to get all the solution out is a colander. I found that an over-the-sink collapsible colander works best for this. It has long arms with reach across a kitchen sink and is sturdy enough to hold up to a kilo of fruit, vegetables, pasta, potatoes and meats (it’s advisable to have a separate colander for fruits/vegetables and meats). Made from non-toxic environmentally friendly rubber, it folds down for easy storage.

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